Introducing Emelia!
Class 5 had the pleasure of inviting Lois' mum into school to talk to us and introduce her newborn sister Emelia. It was a very informative afternoon and we used our scientific skills to prepare questions about babies that would help us in our Science topic of human development. We learnt that babies initially only see in black and white, they sleep for most of the day but need up to 12 nappy changes in a 24 hour period. We give thanks for Emelia and can't wait until she's old enough to come and join us at Sacred Heart.

Godly Play
We have been lucky enough to be loaned some Godly Play equipment and have used a set to look at and unpack the story of the '10 Best Ways'. We wondered which commandment we liked the best, which part of the story was the most important for us and whether it was possible to get rid of a way and still keep the same story.